Reduce Termite Infestation

Reduce Termite Infestation

Underground termites are energetic throughout Australia. You can not see them and also
they do not obtain a good deal of attention but they cause much more damage to homes every year than do floods, fires as well as storms incorporated. According to the CSIRO 1 in 5 homes will certainly be struck with termites triggering $750 million damage per year Australia-wide.


Termites are commonly, however improperly, called “white ants”. Southern Australian species are commonly a couple of millimeters long, with a nose or jaws for eating. All have straight antennae, differentiating them from ants as well as they are most energetic throughout the hotter months of the summer season.


Subterranean termites solely live underground or hidden, near moisture and a cellulose-based food resource. Their hidden nests might remain in a wooden stump, underground, or in a framework. They need to continuously look for wetness and are rarely seen foraging. Usual home infestations are located in skirting boards, hardwood window frames, lumber exposes in addition to the washroom, cooking area, and washing cupboards where moisture is located.


Presently the number of termite species worldwide is more than 2500 therefore varies in their look and also behavior. Nonetheless in general they are tiny pests with workers tending to a huge immobile queen constantly laying eggs. Termites are known to venture a big distance (up to 150 meters) from the nest searching for food as well as dampness.

What you can do to restrict infestation

The first obvious location for termites and also other parasites to get in is from under or together with the residence itself. There are two vulnerable spots for a home with normal slab-on-ground construction; up via the plumbing or electric pipe infiltrations and up into the wall surface cavities along the boundary of the home.

It is hard, however, to find out where termites have actually entered your residence as they normally enter through concealed accessibility factors. You will certainly require a pest control expert to locate as well as treat termites, yet you can still restrict infestation by doing the complying with;

o Clear any kind of barriers or debris from your structure boundary to enable ongoing aesthetic assessment around your home.

o Eliminate all timber, tiles, bricks, etc compared to exterior wall surfaces of the house that might enable concealed access.

o Rectify dripping faucets, condensate discharge from air conditioning system, warm water system overflow discharge, and so on to lower termite accessibility to totally free water resources.

o Testimonial grass and garden reticulation to route sprinkling far from the house border and also only water during daylight hours.

o Where feasible, get rid of any possible termite food resources – scrap timber, compost pile, wood yard stakes, wooden landscape design attributes (sleepers), and so on o Install termite monitoring/baiting system and also bear in mind to inspect them routinely.

o Get rid of yard compost from the building perimeter and relocate blossom and yard beds far from your house walls.

o And obviously, have actually normal evaluations carried out by a recognized Specialist. These ought to be annually or more often in locations where termite activity is high.

There are different solutions to control termite problems depending on your trouble and its level. Prior to carrying out any type of treatment getting recommendations from a trained professional is always suggested as they will embark on an extensive evaluation of your certain termite issue. Nevertheless, by adhering to the actions listed above you ought to dramatically minimize the threat of parasite tasks in your home or office. Learn what attracts termites by going to this link.