Allergy and Hay Fever: Natural Treatments

Spring is here! It brings with it good weather, warmth, flowers… so many things that may seem pleasant, but for some, they […]

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Allergies: how to get rid

What is allergy? An allergy is a reaction of the body to an allergen. These allergens are harmless visitors (a cat hair, […]

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Ways to deal with allergies

Spring is the time when all nature awakens to life. Trees, shrubs and other vegetation produce young leaves and start the pollen […]

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How to fight pollen allergy

Rhinitis, sneezing, blocked nose, red, pinky eyes and general malaise – these are the symptoms of allergy or otherwise allergic rhinitis and […]

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Lenses for allergy sufferers

More and more people are struggling with seasonal allergies. They manifest themselves not only in persistent cold and sneezing, but also in […]

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